Africancreates is not just a typical company. This
is actually a company established out of genuine passion and unwavering commitment to serve
change and then bring joy to life. Africancreates is actually an exclusive E-commerce website
selling quality and beautiful Moroccan Home artisanal and home décor products from local artisans
up to the international market.We provide a reliable online service as an intermediary between the
small artisans’ businesses and their clients. It is our ultimate goal to try and bring back the original
value of products as part of Moroccan culture and tradition which has been historically inherited from the
past generations. We also aim to show images of small artisan communities their way of living and how they made
these products. By helping these small artisans’ communities change the life we are really hoping that this act
will encourage more and more individuals will be interested and purchase these kinds of products from them instead
of buying them from other businesses. All the handcrafted artisanal products such as textile and leather wedding
blankets light lanterns Morrocan handicraft pottery and more are picked and crafted with care and love. Since every
product is crafted by hand in small family businesses therefore you are guaranteed that every product is unique and
has undergone excellent craftsmanship.As a business we always make sure to provide highest quality products to answer
to the norms of the international market.

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